Fundamentals of Supervision Training March 30 @ 10amMT/ Noon ET

Supervisors - are you ready?

Learn the fundamentals of supervision!

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March 30 @ 9amPT/ 10amMT/ NoonET

2-hour course


Learn new skills and supervise with more ease.

Fundamentals of Supervision is targeted to leaders who'd like
special attention, as they progress from excelling at tasks to becoming proficient in the
essential people skills needed to flourish in their supervisory roles.

Your Course Facilitator

John Mancuso, CEO/President
Authentic Communications Matters

"... employees quit their jobs because of a bad manager..." !!

A study conducted before the Great Resignation, reported that 87% of business leaders  made retaining employees the number-one priority. Additional research cites that 40% of employees who rate their supervisor poorly, have interviewed for new jobs in the last three months.  Nearly half of employees quit their jobs because of a bad manager. 56% of employees think managers are promoted prematurely and 60% think managers need managerial training.

There is good news to be found in these statistics; people can learn to be good managers—and good managers can create healthy workplaces where people remain loyal, dedicated employees. Even better news: Cannabis Trainers and Authentic Communication Matters offers you a dynamic, engaging and effective path to attain these skills.

Key Takeaways:

  • Become familiar with the (new) skill sets that come with supervision
  • Create trust, credibility and collaboration with entire team
  • Aim for fairness, transparency and consistency
  • Build new relationships with former peers
  • Set clear expectations

Who benefits from this course?

  • New Supervisors just starting out
  • Supervisors who are brushing up on their skills and seeking continuing education
  • Go getters about to interview for a new position

Supervisors - are you ready?

We put the FUNdamentals in supervisor training!

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