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5 Reasons to Get Your Sell-SMaRTTM Certificate

  • Become an invaluable asset to your business.
  • Know how to operate a compliant cannabis licensed operation.
  • Provide better service and support to your customers.
  • Possess the confidence and skills to handle challenging situations.
  • Avoid making costly mistakes that could shut down your business.



Get Trained to Work Safely & Compliantly in the Cannabis Industry

Working with cannabis has many risks, including breaking the law and even getting the business shut down. Failure to act responsibly and proactively could result in hefty fines, imprisonment, suspension of your license, increased insurance costs, and even losing the business for good. In fact, compliance issues and mistakes are the number one reason cannabis businesses are fined, lose their license, and get shut down.

The Sell-SMaRT™ Responsible Vendor Program protects you and your operation from these risks by teaching you and your team how to to safely and compliantly sell cannabis to patients and customers, plus how to handle the complex situations that arise in a cannabis operation.

Designed for cannabis agents, owners, managers, frontline dispensary staff, regulators, and people looking to enter the cannabis industry, this comprehensive Responsible Vendor Program will inspire you to know the rules and move the industry forward with integrity, professionalism and compliance.

What's Included: five online sections comprised of engaging videos and written materials, worksheets, knowledge checks at the end of every module to assess your learning, printable summary documents for easy reference, and your official Sell-SMaRT™ certificate of completion (once you pass the exam).

Prerequisites: None

Time Commitment: 4+ hours of online learning & study.

Passing Score: A grade of 70% on the exam is required to pass.

Exam Details: The Sell-SMaRT™  exam is a comprehensive multiple-choice test, administered online. Enrollment allows two attempts to achieve a passing score. You have 30 days from purchase complete the course and ace the final exam. This is a closed book exam.

Once You Pass: You will receive your own official Sell-SMaRT™ certificate to proudly hang on your wall and use for credibility and trust in the industry.

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Sell-SMaRT™ Curriculum


The Legal Information

After completing this section, you know:

  • The different license types in cannabis and how to maintain good standing.
  • The rules and regulations of a cannabis business to ensure you’re always in compliance.
  • What products you may sell and common cannabis product restrictions.
  • The different agencies that regulate cannabis and how to pass compliance checks.
  • What happens if you violate the regulations and the risks for you and your employer.


Safety & Security

After completing this section, you know:

  • What security requirements are needed to operate a legal cannabis business.
  • What’s required for seed-to-sale tracking in order to ensure your operating in compliance.
  • How to ensure your licensed premises is safe and secure for employees, patients and customers.
  • How to properly dispose of waste and other cannabis products in a safe and compliant way.
  • The details for safe, compliant delivery.


Checking IDs

After completing this section, you know:

  • How to ensure that every patient and customer provides proper identification to purchase cannabis legally.
  • When and how to properly check-in a consumer according to the regulations.
  • How to easily identify fraudulent or borrowed IDs.
  • The very negative repercussions of not checking IDs properly.


Handling Tricky Situations

After completing this section, you know:

  • How to handle potentially illegal activities on your premises.
  • How to deal with intoxicated/ impaired customers safely and effectively.
  • How to politely decline customers that may attempt to break the laws.
  • How to properly document incidents in a way that protects you and your establishment.


Educating Customers to Ensure a Positive Cannabis Experience

After completing this section, you know:

  • How to speak about the Endocannabinoid system.
  • How to deal with people who ask specific medical questions (hint: Don't Play Doctor).
  • A high-level overview of how each product type impacts people uniquely.
  • Best practices to help customers find cannabis products that are right for them.
  • How to coach people to not over-indulge or have an undesirable experience with cannabis products.

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Maureen McNamara
Founder & Chief Facilitator, Cannabis Trainers

An acclaimed facilitator, speaker and coach with decades of experience, Maureen McNamara has been involved with cannabis compliance training since 2014 and facilitated hundreds of compliance workshops. Cannabis Trainers has issued over 10,000 Sell-SMaRT certificates to participants, from entry-level employees to upper management.

She created and developed the nation’s first regulatory and state health department approved Responsible Vendor Program - Sell-SMaRT™ - offering training and certification programs for cannabis industry professionals throughout the United States and Canada.

Clients benefit from Maureen’s ability to deliver highly interactive and compelling presentations with creativity, enthusiasm and humor. Each participant is actively involved in their learning process to ensure the skills taught are understood, remembered and used.



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Sell-SMaRT™ Training Program - On Demand

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