Manager Testimonial Review

I highly recommend the training for MED investigators.

Thank you for the invitation to attend the training. I thought the training was very informative and I highly recommend the training for Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED). investigators.
John Cohen, MED Supervisory Investigator
MED Colorado Govt

Worth the time, money and experience to get this information.

It is worth the time, money and experience to get this information. Even I who read the regulations numerous times, gained so much more information that I missed on my own.

Eric Brucia, CIO
Versagenix Inc

Interactive, Engaging, Helpful

It is an Interactive, Engaging, Helpful experience that everyBODY should take advantage of!

Brad Speidell, Chief Dispensing Officer at TGS Management
The Green Solution

group activities created a more hands-on experience

Maureen is an amazing trainer! The group activities created a more hands-on experience.  I would recommend people to take the class – it will make them a better seller of cannabis.

Allison Gilmer, Compliance and Safety Coordinator

keeps cannabis industries in business

Its an eye opener on how to make sure you can educate your consumers and to promote a great experience for all and to keep cannabis industries in business.

Matthew Ruby

truly exceptional

Thank you for everything! We felt the class was truly exceptional and we thank you for passing the knowledge onto our team!

Brittany Sansburn
Manager, Elements Boulder and Euflora

you rock!

You rock!
Excellent Webinar on the equivalencies! Really great info and execution. 
Sell-SMaRT™ is such a great class, I learn more every time.

Brendan Fall
Compliance Director, Kush Gardens

wealth of valuable cannabis information and insight

Thank you for the details, the professional approach, the humor the interactive parts and the wealth of valuable cannabis information  & insight. 

Tari Muir
ProAging Solutions, LLC

worth the investment for everyone

It is worth the investment for everyone involved in customer service or sales.

Brooke Wise
Owner, The Growing Kitchen

essential to send your staff to these classes

It is absolutely essential that you send your staff to these classes. Staying compliant is always a challenge in this industry and we could all use a reminder! I might even go so far as to say that Maureen makes compliance fun!

Katherine Grimm

I’ve taken other compliance classes and Maureen’s was the best.

I’ve taken other compliance classes and Maureen’s was the best.  She is the absolute best.   She kept everyone involved and engaged from the warehouse to the front end.

Good Meds

Maureen gave actionable takeaways

Maureen led our team through a creative and effective presentation training session. She captured our attention by using props, humor and clear communication. The presentation activities we practiced resulted in instant positive change for each individual and it was clear her training would cause  powerful, long-term success. Maureen gave actionable takeaways and even followed up to ensure we were seeing results and practicing our new skills. We will be engaging with Maureen again soon!

Heather Smyth, Marketing Manager

second to none

You provide a great program far and above anyone else in the industry.
You are second to none.  Thank you so much for all that you have done for us!
Jennifer Kealy - Director of Compliance

clear compliance instruction

“I think being confident in your understanding of all the compliance issues we face as cannabis sellers is crucial.  This class gives very clear, direct compliance instruction.”

Ashley Rheingold, Owner
Headquarters Cannabis

great resource

“This class is a great resource for all involved in the MJ field, not just budtenders, but all who hold a badge.”

Dawn Palmer, Owner
Kush Gardens Colorado

Keep up the great work!

“Requiring everyone to come to your class has been a great decision. The stories our employees are telling us about how their previous employers operated are frightening. We remind them, we are in the COMPLIANCE BUSINESS, and if we do our jobs well, we get to sell cannabis. There can be no other way.

We are proud to be partners with you and your company. Keep up the great work!”
Jim Parco, Ph.D.
Mesa Organics

the whole team

I’m telling every owner and manager about this training and how it can help the whole team get on the ‘same page’.

Owner, Intel 420
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