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In the wake of COVID-19 we’ve experienced many changes and new perspectives. With cannabis taking a spotlight as an “Essential Business” there continues to be a great opportunity for more and more women to join our industry and lead.

We’d like to invite YOU to join us in supporting more women stepping IN and stepping UP and advancing their cannabis/hemp careers!

Gain insight from industry insiders.

Advance your cannabis career.



Why are you waiting?
The time is now!

Watch our complimentary webinar!

Your Industry Leader Moderators:

Shanita Penny inside insights webinar moderator

Shanita Penny
Founder/Principal Budding Solutions

maureen mcnamara inside insights webinar moderator

Maureen McNamara
Founder/Chief Facilitator Cannabis Trainers

gail rand inside insights webinar moderator

Gail Rand
Founder Grand Consulting

We discussed:

  • How coaching can help advance your career possibilities
  • Unleashing your skills (all of them!)
  • Gaining clarity on what you really desire
  • Obstacle eradication
  • Essentials to get moving in & up!


An opportunity to secure complimentary one-on-one coaching with amazing industry leaders!

This is YOUR time to unleash the possibilities!

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