What? For better customer service, deepen your listening skills!

deepen listening skills

Listening: The Peaks & Pits You know how it feels when the customer service rep isn’t really listening. Have you noticed how GOOD it feels to be really listened to? It’s meaningful, especially when the listening goes beyond just the words you’re speaking. The art of listening conveys respect and value and promotes positive relationships […]

Tips for making a Top 10 List for improving your life!

Top 10 List ideas

Sharing some fun ways a Top 10 List are beneficial and may help YOU grow! We just celebrated 4.20 and Earth Day.  It’s a sweet time of year, as trees are starting to bloom, ideas taking shape, and connections growing stronger. It’s YOUR time! 5 Ways Top 10 Lists Can Benefit You: 1. Organize: Lists […]

Navigating the holidays!

Navigating the Holidays Joyfully(??) Take a big, deep, beautiful breath: the holidays are underway. For many of us, this time of year brings joys – and challenges – of family gatherings, gifting, holiday shindigs, and a lot of people needing to buy extra cannabis to de-stress or bring as gifts (fabulous idea- make sure you […]

Does your team play by these rules?

Have you ever woken up in a panic… wondering and hoping that your team was playing by the rules? Is your company buttoned up on training, detailed operating procedures, and documentation? (Cliché #734- If it isn’t written down, it likely didn’t happen!) Without the “protection” of the Cole Memo, industry leaders are prepared for even greater […]

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