Feet in The Street Story – Educate Your New Budtenders

Group Chat

One of our trainers shared a story with us that was concerning. One day, while introducing his pup to some new sitters, a conversation about the medical marijuana industry in Missouri occurred. The two pet sitters were not from the area and legal cannabis was a new adventure for them. They were very interested in […]

Burn-Out Happens, Even In The Cannabis Industry

We talk to employees of the cannabis industry daily through our Sell-SMaRT™ Responsible Vendor Training programs. Too often, we see and hear the signs of employee burn-out from those who have been in the industry for a few years. We have an opportunity to be thought leaders around the mental health and wellness of our […]

What? For better customer service, deepen your listening skills!

deepen listening skills

Listening: The Peaks & Pits You know how it feels when the customer service rep isn’t really listening. Have you noticed how GOOD it feels to be really listened to? It’s meaningful, especially when the listening goes beyond just the words you’re speaking. The art of listening conveys respect and value and promotes positive relationships […]

Avoiding a Major Pitfall: Playing Doctor

Raise your hand if you’re a licensed medical doctor. This article was written by Amber Bacca, CEO of Trax Team Solutions, and Lead Cannabis Trainers’ Facilitator.  I’m guessing none or very few of the well-intentioned, outstanding cannabis industry workers reading this are able to do so. Most of us are involved in the cannabis industry […]

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