To Discount or Not To Discount – Is this allowed in the Massachusetts cannabis industry?

Cannabis Trainers has noticed an up-tick in questions about the ability to discount cannabis in the adult-use market. Every state has different rules, and we always encourage our clients to know both state and local restrictions. Within Massachusetts, we cite the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission that states “No, an ME may not offer free or […]

Budtender Turnover Problems? It could be your training

marijuana-6088408_1280 (1)

MJBiz Daily recently published an article discussing the turnover of budtenders within the cannabis retail community. They shared an astonishing number that perhaps as many as 55% of budtenders leave within one year of taking on the position! This group is so critical in educating the population about the compliant sale and consumption of marijuana. […]

Cannabis As Medicine – Don’t Play Doctor

dont play doctor

Anyone who has been involved with the sale of cannabis will tell you they get questions about medical applications of the plant daily. Yet, most compliance laws are very specific that budtenders and dispensary agents should not give medical advice. Cannabis Trainers agree. Most badged agents are not medical professionals, and unless you are a […]

Summer Is Here. Do You Know Your Cannabis Rules?

Beach vacation

The summer season is here! Do you know where your cannabis rules stand? We all know the laws and regulations shift around the cannabis industry. Let’s be reminded of a few rules related to cannabis that may be commonly overlooked, especially during the summer vacation season.  Summer Consumption Social consumption lounges may be rolling out […]

Avoiding a Major Pitfall: Playing Doctor

Raise your hand if you’re a licensed medical doctor. This article was written by Amber Bacca, CEO of Trax Team Solutions, and Lead Cannabis Trainers’ Facilitator.  I’m guessing none or very few of the well-intentioned, outstanding cannabis industry workers reading this are able to do so. Most of us are involved in the cannabis industry […]

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