Connect Brand Values To Customer Experience

Competition is heating up in the cannabis industry. Gone are the days where just selling bud is enough to attract customers. Now, we must consider the customer experience to build brand loyalty and repeat customers. Regardless of what you are selling, great customer experiences lead to positive emotions and a desire to re-engage the brand. […]

Giving Season for Cannabis Non Profits

As the season for giving is upon us, it is important to remember that the cannabis industry also has a non-profit sector that could use your support. These organizations range from cannabis education to legislative lobbyists to worker coalitions. Cannabis Trainers donates money annually to SSDP and  Cannabis Doing Good and invite you to check […]

420 Tips for happy customers!

Ahh, the delights of 420 fun. Dispensary teams, are you ready? Big appreciation for the farmers, cultivators, trimmers, manufacturers, packagers and transporters! We know you’ve been hustling to supply your dispensary partners with excellent product. Now, perhaps you can take a deep exhale or maybe a big inhale 😉 Tips for a Fun/ Compliant Holiday […]

Do you know Delta-8?

Understanding Delta 8

Delta 8 vs. Delta 9 – Do You Know the Differences? Playing it safe and knowing the difference! November 1 is a day I enjoy. As I walk my dog through the neighborhood, I see the morning after candy castaways. I learn what candy is not trending this year… discarded Sweet Tarts, ditched Laffy Taffy, […]

A Quick Guide to Selling the “Best Weed Ever”

Selling the best weed to your customers

How do YOU Sell the “Best Weed Ever?” By: Kenzie Gobillot When people think about their favorite flower, they often remember the smell, the flavor, perhaps the terpenes if they did their homework. Most importantly, they remember the way it made them feel. From high potency to high CBD, people will always have their preferences, […]

Last Prisoner Project – How YOU can help!

We’re donating 5% of our gross revenue from our Sell-SMaRT courses this summer to The Last Prisoner Project.  Join a Sell-SMaRT class to learn about compliance and know that a portion of class fees are going to help right the wrongs of the “War on Drugs.”   THE PROBLEM ● There are over 40,000 cannabis prisoners […]

Aligning with yourself

Taking Care and Aligning with Yourself? We’re in a weird (really really weird) time and taking care of ourselves is more important than ever—yet it’s often the last thing on our very lengthy list of to-do’s. We know you and your hand sanitizer are in a solid relationship… but how’s your wellness overall? Stress has […]

We’re not out of the weeds yet, my friends!

physical distancing

It’s STILL Important: Social Distancing for the Win! Flowers are blooming and new possibilities are growing. Spring creates new life – teeny birds and wee little squirrels. It brings the desire to connect with others after the hunkered-down winter. After the colder months, after quarantining, and after we’ve been helping to flatten the curve, we’re […]

Tips & Links during these unprecedented times!

COVID-19 Newsletter for Cannabis Trainers   We hope YOU and the people you love are feeling healthy and hopeful. We’re all in some wild times and are grateful for your flexible, positive, responsible, resiliency right now!   We’re pleased that most state regulators are recognizing that continued safe access to cannabis as an “essential service.”   […]

Cannabis Trainers selected for first state-required vendor training in Massachusetts

MEDIA CONTACT Taylor West, Heart + Mind Media (202) 495-9680 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – October 10, 2019 First State-Approved Cannabis Vendor Training in the World Comes to Massachusetts Prized by regulators and cannabis professionals alike, Sell-SMaRT™ proves “mandatory” doesn’t have to mean “mind-numbing”   Cannabis Trainers, developer of the world’s first state-approved cannabis vendor […]

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