Why Should Supervisors Continue Training?

Our Sell-SMaRT Responsible Vendor Training for the cannabis industry often has a mix of frontline workers, budtenders, dispensary agents, and their managers. Besides a mandated requirement for education, one might ask why managers who may be seasoned professionals in the cannabis industry need a refresher on cannabis compliance training. We found that most of our […]

Your Vote is your Voice! Speak up!

YOUR voice and vote matter.  Speak up and be heard! Today is a big day in the United States. You, yes fabulous you, get to help decide who represents your interests in government. Perhaps you already have plans for this evening to watch the national and local results. You likely have hopes of celebration, as […]

How do you support your team?

How do you support your team?

Are you Supporting (or thwarting) Your Team? A top 10 list Do you recall someone you really enjoyed working with? Someone who you would do anything for? We love those people!!! Are you one of them?  As long as you’re committed to the success of your team (and moving the industry forward positively), you are […]

Avoiding a Major Pitfall: Playing Doctor

Raise your hand if you’re a licensed medical doctor. This article was written by Amber Bacca, CEO of Trax Team Solutions, and Lead Cannabis Trainers’ Facilitator.  I’m guessing none or very few of the well-intentioned, outstanding cannabis industry workers reading this are able to do so. Most of us are involved in the cannabis industry […]

Appreciation ~ Thank you, Lezli!

We’d love to hear from you. Do you have someone special you’d like us to recognize? Email: heather@cannabistrainers.com We are proud to recognize amazing Lezli Engelking, Founder of We asked Lezli: 1. What do you love about the cannabis industry? There are so many incredible things about the cannabis industry, it is difficult to name just one. Probably […]

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