Could Cannabis Worker Unions Be Expanding?

As the cannabis industry continues to grow and expand, workers are looking for great working conditions and competitive wages to commit themselves to new career paths. The allure of creating unions to represent cannabis trade professionals is here. Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey and three other states currently recognize labor agreements set forth by the UFCW […]

Let’s Hear It for The Mayors!

Could the cannabis Industry finally become bankable at a national level? If the mayors of several major US cities have anything to say about it, yes! The US Conference of Mayors recently approved a measure calling for the end of federal cannabis prohibition, specifically focused on banking reform. The issue is complicated, however. This article […]

2022 Cannabis Policy Reform Update

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Are you curious about the evolution of cannabis legalization across the U.S.? With 68% of Americans supporting legal adult-use cannabis and 90% supporting medical use, one would think we might be further along with reforming cannabis laws. Yet only 19 states (now including Rhode Island) have legalized cannabis for adults with only 6 of these […]

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