Keep Your Cannabis Business Compliant with Regular Training

In the cannabis industry, staying compliant and up to date on changing laws is essential for protecting your business’s investments. It’s no joke when it comes to compliance; if your employees aren’t trained on the most current regulations, you could be putting your business in serious danger. This is the main reason Cannabis Trainers was […]

Why Your Cannabis Business Needs to be a Destination Brand

The cannabis industry is booming, and competition in the market is fierce. You need to stand out from the crowd – but how? The answer lies in becoming a destination brand. When customers see your company as a place to go for their cannabis needs, you’ll have a competitive advantage that will help you stay […]

Why Should Supervisors Continue Training?

Our Sell-SMaRT Responsible Vendor Training for the cannabis industry often has a mix of frontline workers, budtenders, dispensary agents, and their managers. Besides a mandated requirement for education, one might ask why managers who may be seasoned professionals in the cannabis industry need a refresher on cannabis compliance training. We found that most of our […]

Cannabis Legalization Expands with 2022 Midterm Elections

Two more states legalized adult-use cannabis consumption during the recent mid-term elections. Welcome to Maryland and Missouri! Both states will allow people 21 years or older to consume cannabis recreationally, bringing us to 21 states plus the District of Columbia. The three states that also had adult-use cannabis consumption on the ballot rejected passing the […]

Budtender Turnover Problems? It could be your training

marijuana-6088408_1280 (1)

MJBiz Daily recently published an article discussing the turnover of budtenders within the cannabis retail community. They shared an astonishing number that perhaps as many as 55% of budtenders leave within one year of taking on the position! This group is so critical in educating the population about the compliant sale and consumption of marijuana. […]

Save The Terpenes


At Cannabis Trainers, we’ve been discussing the various components of the cannabis plant in our training programs including terpenes. We’re champions for a quality wellness experience for anyone interested in the consumption of cannabis. MG Magazine shared an article about the importance of preserving the quality of terpenes found in cannabis, not just THC. Some […]

Feet in The Street Story – Educate Your New Budtenders

Group Chat

One of our trainers shared a story with us that was concerning. One day, while introducing his pup to some new sitters, a conversation about the medical marijuana industry in Missouri occurred. The two pet sitters were not from the area and legal cannabis was a new adventure for them. They were very interested in […]

Could Cannabis Worker Unions Be Expanding?

As the cannabis industry continues to grow and expand, workers are looking for great working conditions and competitive wages to commit themselves to new career paths. The allure of creating unions to represent cannabis trade professionals is here. Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey and three other states currently recognize labor agreements set forth by the UFCW […]

It’s Not Just THC

Our team at Cannabis Trainers hears almost daily through our various training sessions questions around potency of cannabis and cannabis-infused products. In fact, we have a whole section dedicated to helping our budtenders, dispensary agents, and any other front-facing cannabis industry employees speak to customers about responsible consumption, including potency possibilities. The most common question […]

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